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We are thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with Shell, a global leader in energy solutions. As a trusted B2B distributor of Shell products, Intermark Product is proud to bring you the Shell Card – a powerful tool designed to optimize your fleet performance and streamline your fuel management.

What is Shell Card?

The Shell Card is a fuel card tailored for businesses looking to efficiently manage their fleet expenses. It offers a comprehensive solution for fuel purchases, vehicle maintenance, and other related expenses, all while providing detailed reports and analytics to help you make informed decisions.

Shell Card Usage

Employee Fuel Allowance


Commercial Transport

Shell Card Benefits


At Intermark, we are dedicated to maximizing your fleet’s performance while championing a sustainable future. The Shell Card is not just a tool for efficient fuel management; it’s a step towards environmental responsibility. By integrating Shell Card into your operations, you benefit from advanced fuel options that enhance efficiency and reduce emissions. Additionally, Shell's carbon offset programs and commitment to renewable energy align perfectly with our environmental values. Embrace the Shell Card with Intermark and drive towards a greener, more sustainable future.



At Intermark, we prioritize convenience alongside performance and sustainability. The Shell Card streamlines your fleet management with unmatched ease and efficiency. Enjoy cashless transactions at a vast network of fueling stations, detailed electronic invoicing, and real-time reporting—all designed to save you time and reduce administrative hassles. With Shell Card, managing your fleet becomes simpler, more efficient, and eco-friendly, perfectly aligning with Intermark's commitment to providing top-tier convenience and environmental responsibility. Embrace the Shell Card with Intermark and experience unparalleled convenience in your operations.



The Shell Card offers significant cost-saving benefits, including competitive fuel pricing, exclusive discounts, and advanced fuel efficiency options. Detailed electronic invoicing and real-time reporting help you identify and eliminate unnecessary expenses. This commitment to savings aligns seamlessly with Intermark's dedication to providing value-driven solutions. Embrace the Shell Card with Intermark and unlock substantial savings for your fleet’s operations.



At Intermark, we recognize that security is paramount in fleet management. The Shell Card offers robust security features to safeguard your fuel transactions. With PIN protection, real-time fraud detection, and secure electronic invoicing, you can trust that your fleet's fuel expenses are protected against unauthorized use. This commitment to security aligns seamlessly with Intermark's dedication to providing safe and reliable solutions. Embrace the Shell Card with Intermark and ensure your fleet's operations are both secure and efficient.



We understand the critical importance of control in fleet management. The Shell Card provides unparalleled oversight and precision, allowing you to monitor and manage fuel expenses effortlessly. With detailed electronic invoicing, customizable spending limits, and real-time transaction tracking, you gain complete command over your fleet's fuel consumption. This aligns perfectly with Intermark's commitment to delivering powerful tools for efficiency and accountability. Embrace the Shell Card with Intermark and take control of your fleet's performance and sustainability.


Achieve CONTROL on your fingertips using our Shell Fleet Hub Portal completely Free of Charge


What can the Shell Fleet Hub help you with?


Order new cards or replacement cards

Temporarily or permanently block cards

Revise card usage limits

Revise fuel type restrictions on cards

Revise day/time restrictions on cards

View/Change PIN of your Card


What else can you do on Shell Fleet Hub?


View the Advance Payment remaining in your account so that you can timely recharge your account (prepaid)

View the available credit limit (postpaid)

View and download transaction reports

View and download your Shell Card Invoices

Add sub-users to help you manage Shell Fleet Hub



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