Truck & Heavy-duty Engine Oils

Shell Rimula’s adaptive learning offers excellent erosion protection and reduces viscosity for better mileage.

Acid Protection

The engine’s acids can seep into a crankcase and cause erosion, leading to catastrophic failure. Without the proper protection for vital components from these corrosive chemicals in oil leading to an expensive overhauling job or even cheaper repairs depending on how bad it is with some pre-treatments options.

Shell Rimula fluids are formulated to protect your engine from the effects of acids.

Deposit Protection

Diesel engines are the most efficient way to power our cars and trucks, but they also need special care. Shell Rimula’s diesel oil has molecules that adjust to stop deposit-forming particles from making their way into your engine, where it can cause smooth operation with less fuel consumption – helping protect both its efficiency and cleanliness!

Wear Control

Shell Rimula diesel engine oils are designed to protect your vehicle by forming a protective layer under thermal stress, which helps prevent wear. These types of deformation prevention compounds can be found at higher friction locations like valves and gearboxes in an engine; they’re responsive enough to not cause issues with performance or reliability!

Shell Rimula’s adaptive technology gives outstanding wear protection with reduced viscosity for improved fuel economy.