About Us

Our History

Our journey was started three decades ago by our CEO with a vision to transform the experience of Pakistan’s corporate consumers. We started our business with Philips where we achieved a record-breaking  Rs100 million in sales in the corporate sector. From there on we never looked back. Along the road we created valuable relationships and established ourselves as a leading B2B partner of renowned multinational organisations.  At Intermark, we approach every day with increased enthusiasm to grow and find new avenues to improve our customer’s experience. This has allowed us to diversify our business portfolio and  have expertise in several sectors.  We realise our responsibility of taking care of the planet and this has been the inspiration behind our newest venture of providing clients with solar solutions for energy. 

Our solar energy solutions aim to harness Pakistan’s true potential of alternative energy. Intermark Solar envisions that  clean and sustainable solar energy is the way forward for Pakistan. As a result of this business, we will be playing a role in saving valuable foreign exchange spent on importing costly fuels for electricity generation.  We do no just want Pakistan to shine, we also want to ensure that our planet is habitable for our future generations. 

In addition to our two divisions, we also offer financial solutions through Intermark Financial Solutions. Our team comprises of result-oriented individuals with diverse expertise. We work proactively with customers to offer quality operational and strategic financial management. We partner with customers to provide tailor-made financial and technical solutions that not only meet their needs but ensure they thrive. 

By leveraging our strategic partnership with Shell, we are committed to delivering a fuel card solution that can take your fleet management game to another level by enhancing efficiency, providing costs savings and by offering unmatched convenience for your business. 

Our growth is a result of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Today, Intermark is the biggest distributor of Shell Pakistan.  Our finance division has helped our customers to complete several multi-billion rupee projects in the power sector. Intermark Solar is also on an upward trajectory, increasing our customer base and harvesting the potential in the nascent but growing field of solar energy in Pakistan.

Our Core Values

We share a set of core values – integrity, reliability and excellence. These values our at the heart of everything we do and we ensure that we do not astray from them. These values provide us with the guidance when conducting our business and have ensured our success.


To build a dynamic and structured organization that exists as a brand name in it self for reliability and services. The organization shall be committed to bring sustainable growth for all stakeholders, driven by philosophy of quality products, excellent services, and value for the customers with commitment.


To demonstrate high economic value to our customers through superior quality products, offering unique solutions and creating excellent services experience. We aim to provide our customers the best in terms of products, services and price.