Bearing and Circulating Oils




Industrial equipment is essential to many different industries, but all machines must be protected from wear and corrosion regardless of their use. This way, they can maintain efficient operations with minimal downtime or wasted production time due to breakdowns that arise when they’re not functioning correctly; this will result in a higher quality product for you!

Industrial equipment is manufactured with different needs and requirements, but they all have in common? Lubrication systems need to be carefully protected. For industrial machinery, longer lifespans require high-quality materials for reliable performance no matter what industry you work within!


Oil is the lifeblood of your equipment, and the longer it lasts for you to use, the less maintenance will be needed. You can adapt the oil life of the fluid to your operational needs with the Shell Morlina range of bearing and circulating oils. This comprises entirely synthetic Shell Morlina S4 B. It has the maximum oil life in the Shell spectrum under extreme conditions and specialty products that work even when heavily contaminated with water, dust, or dirt.


It is important to have the right lube for your engine to ensure that everything operates as expected and performs at peak levels. Modern engines are sophisticated mechanisms, which operate above their original design parameters: if you don’t take care of them correctly, they can wear out quickly.

Shell’s Morlina series is designed to provide system operators with various options that they can choose from depending on their specific needs. These high-quality oils are formulated using only premium materials, so you know it’ll be worth your while!

If you are looking for the perfect industrial machinery lubricant, our Shell Morlina range is exactly what you need. With a diverse selection of oils and greases tailored to meet all those requirements!