Axle and Transmission Oils


Shell Spirax oils are prepared to keep your transmission components protected so that they can go on working efficiently. For example, the special frictional properties of Shell S6 AXME and GX Medo allow for lower power loss while still maintaining an efficient operating temperature and higher mechanical efficiency.

The unique frictional qualities of Shell Spirax oils can reduce power loss by lowering operating temperatures and improving mechanical efficiency.

Shell Spirax Portfolio

Gearboxes and manual transmissions

– Shell Spirax S6 GXME – Exceptional performance/energy efficient/maintenance saving

– Shell Spirax S2 G – Proven performance


– Shell Spirax S6 AXME – Exceptional performance/energy efficient/maintenance saving

– Shell Spirax S3 AX/AM/AD – Proven performance/designed for OEMs/MAN/Daimler

– Shell Spirax S2 A – Proven performance

Automatic Transmissions

– Shell Spirax S4 ATF HDX – Proven performance/versatile application


Guaranteed Wear Protection

The more you invest in your equipment, the less likely it will be to let go of its life. Shell Spirax oils protect against wear and pitting so that heavy-duty vehicles can run smoothly with a longer lifespan for years down through generations worth born from these investment decisions today!

Longer Oil and Component Life

Protect your vehicle's components with oil, and you'll spend less time repairing them on Saturdays at the garage. The sooner this happens to a car driven regularly all year long, the more money it will save in 2022!

Shell Spirax oils are designed to extend the life of your components by soothing wear and tear on them. For instance, the S6 AXME axle can withstand four times more than usual before failing in industry-standard tests for oxidation level; this may help protect what matters most inside your car!

Learn how Shell Spirax oils sustain transmission components so they may continue to function successfully.