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Intermark lubricants exceeds the standards and challenges the status quo

Intermark has been in the business for about past three decades and embraces the spirit of global trade. The company is dedicated to excellence in merchandising, product development and production. We have earned a reputation in the global textile made-up and towel industry as one of the foremost exporters of Pakistan for our commitment to quality, timely delivery and total value. Through our extensive sourcing network, we have the ability to effectively procure the best materials. Our customers rely on us to deliver the best quality products and superior service which enables them to successfully compete in the emerging market place.
When it comes to textile made-up and towel, Intermark is a “cut above the rest”. Being a fully-integrated vertical composite unit, from fabric to the finished garment, Intermark prides itself in offering to its customers a one-stop solution to all textile made-up & towel demands. We are a technology driven company that strives to constantly improve its production processes, while closely preserving our commitment towards highest qualityvand guaranteed customer satisfaction.
We take immense pride in our dedicated team and the high quality of textiles and towels that we manufacture and export to different parts of the world. Our management team has an extensive understanding of the needs of companies in the West as well as production capabilities of firms in the East, making overseas sourcing easier.

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Intermark assures great service, with
  • a dedicated key account for every customer, who independently follows up the production process.
  • Offer high quality at fair prices.
  • ability to finance fully-factored garments and offering credit terms.

On top of that, we can provide complete control and flexibility during the manufacturing process.

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