Our History

IMPL, established in Karachi on 31st Dec 1991 and dedicated to bridging the gap between consumer and supplier by providing them economical solutions.

IMPL’s journey began when they started working as a distributor for Philips in the field of consumer electronics. After the release of Philips's business in 2007, IMPL quickly expanded its range to include other products and services for the corporate sector in Pakistan.

In 2012, Intermark Product Lines was formed to accommodate for rapid expansion. The new setup is enterprise-based and has succeeded in different milestones over 29 years due to its approach, which we call “enterprise-based."

IMPL is a leading distribution and marketing entity that has established itself as the go-to for world-class services.

Associated Partners

IMPL has worked with some of the world’s most well-known manufacturers and suppliers, including but not limited to:

Philips Consumer Electronics and Domestic Appliances:

IMPL served as their official corporate distributor till late 2007, generating over $100 million in annual revenue.

Cool & Cool

The “Cool & Cool" range of products includes Hygiene, Personal Care, BabyCare, and Grooming, while IMPL was the only institutional distributor. In addition to the major organizations such as Agha Khan, Hilton, Pharma, Searle, and others, Intermark was catering their sales of modern international retail of Hyperstar, Metro, SPAR, and CSD outlets across Pakistan.

Black & Decker

With outstanding results, IMPL has effectively marketed Black & Decker in the corporate sector.


Gardena items were represented in Pakistan by IMPL. The leading German manufacturer of gardening and Agri solutions in the world.


Kenwood's marketing arm in Pakistan for the corporate sector was IMPL.


Cleaning equipment offering from a German manufacturer